Hospitality Projects

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Financial Conditions

  1. Investment starting from $20,000 USD.
  2. Choice of exclusive projects that are part of the programme, obtaining returns on the occupancy rate of the chosen Villa or Suite.
  3. The investment does not have a property title, the support will be the occupancy rate of the Suite or Villa in which the investment was made.
  4. Returns will be paid on an annual basis.
  5. Capital invested return at the end of investment period.


Guaranteed minimum return on investment of 10%.

Access to all the comforts and privileges of the Hotel where the acquired Suite or Villa is located.

Use of the asset in the hotel project to vacation for one week each year without affecting their returns. Further use of the property will result in a reduction in returns proportional to the time the property is used by the investor.

Highly profitable option in which you will receive fixed annual returns, regardless of the hotel’s occupancy rate.

Investment Example

Investment of US $ 50,000 in the PHO Vibrant Elegance programme:


Illustration 3. Example of an investment in our 5-year PHO Vibrant Elegance, with returns of 10% per year.

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