Tayrona Bay Bintan Indonesia

An incredible settlement created to enhance smart mobility and connectivity across the region and develop an efficient, sustainable, and thriving town, capitalizing and preserving the natural beauty of Bintan Island. This exclusive destination will offer symbiotic synergies between natural and urban systems, creating bold architecture standards in harmonious coexistence with nature. Most importantly, Tayrona Bay Bintan Indonesia is focused on rejuvenating the local ecology and ecosystem of the area identifying the relationships between the land and sea and the resources of water, energy, spoils, biodiversity, habitats, visual quality, and climate and with that, offering Tayrona’s investors a biomorphic architecture design inspired by natural forms and processes.


Bintan Island, part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, northern Lagoi area.

Tayrona Bay, a Destination for Everybody!

  • A distinctive resort, which capitalizes on and preserves the natural beauty of Bintan Island. Seven Hotel Plots have been created, with an average plot size of 120,000 sqm.
  • Four-star Hotel amenities with inclusive infrastructure and landscape standards will boost symbiotic synergies between natural and urban systems.
  • A township created to enhance connectivity across the region.
  • Four hundred (400) rooms at each Hotel Plot will be included, for a total of 28,000 rooms that will be recognized for having a bold architecture in harmonious coexistence with nature.

Pioneering Ecological / Environmental Design

  • Every part of the development should express its ecological integrity and identity.
  • Deliver a Climate Positive development.
  • Deliver 50% of site for biodiversity, 50% of site for development.
  • Rejuvenate the ecology of the site through extensive and diverse habitat restoration including Forest, Wetlands, Productive Land, Mangroves, Green Roofs, Green Walls, Rivers, Streams, Coral reef,and Rocky outcrops.

Rejuvenation of the Land and Sea Through a
Holistic Economy and Ecology

Understanding the need to deliver a transformational impact, Tayrona Bay Indonesia is focused on developing a unique high end resort using the special landscape and seafront setting of the headland at the east end of the beach.


  • Connecting loop
  • Controlled access from the sea
  • Refurbishment/renovation and extension of the existing Lagoon Resort
  • New access road
  • Use of natural low embodied energy materials for cladding and internal finishes (timber, bamboo, and hemp)
  • Inner sea:
    • Improved water quality
    • Enhance flora and wildlife underwater
    • Allow diverse water activities in safe conditions (swimming, diving, and sailing)
    • Diversity of accommodations and experiences
    • Villages and villas on water inspired on Kelong
    • Bio-domestic hotels
    • Pebbles hotels

Guaranteed ROI

Tayrona guarantees yearly returns on investment of 20% of the Tayrona Bay Indonesia properties’ value.

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