Sagana Huravee Maldives

Guaranteed ROI

Tayrona guarantees annual returns on investment of 20% in the value of the property acquired in Sagana Huravee Maldives.

Sagana Huravee Maldives is the perfect definition of paradise. This hotel project has an island full of multiple outdoor experiences. Its services were carefully selected to meet the expectations of Tayrona Capital investors, while offering a totally profitable investment alternative, with guaranteed annual returns of 20% on the value of the Villa or Suite acquired in this destination. This hotel complex is part of the Privilege Hotel Ownership-PHO investment programme, in which you will not only live exclusive experiences in this destination, but also become the co-owner of the Villa or Suite for the time of your choice.


With over a thousand splendid islands and coral atolls teeming with marine life, an unfathomable sea dive, or an adventure experience on the white sand, the reasons to visit Sagana Huravee Maldives are endless. This exclusive complex includes a sports island, a yoga pavilion, access to buggy services, access to the beach in the north and west areas of the island, a hammock areaSpagardensswimming pools, and terraces to enjoy the sunset.

Maldives, one of the destinations chosen in the Best in Travel 2019 ranking among the 10 best destinations that offer quality and affordable prices, is the home of this hotel project. In just 45 years, this archipelago has experienced an impressive tourist growth. During the aforementioned year alone, almost a million and a half tourists visited this destination, leaving an average of 2,800 million euros, according to government data. This statistic corresponds to a third of the gross domestic product (GDP) of this Island. It is for this reason that a number of hotel complexes have arrived in the Maldives, locating themselves along its atolls and thus creating a new style of Villas, Suites, or aquatic rooms, built one meter from the Island.

Despite its small size, with a total area of ​​300 km², the tourism sector in this country represents 30% of the GDP, welcoming approximately 2 million visitors a year. Once the effects of the pandemic are over and people have the opportunity to travel, the number of annual visitors is expected to be even higher, taking into account the preparedness of hotel complexes such as Sagana Huravee Maldives to offer safety and hygiene conditions to avoid the spread of contagion. In turn, this Island has been considered year after year as the most romantic Island in the world and the second most coveted destination in the world.

It can be said that the Sagana Huravee investment alternatives, if compared with the existing hotel complexes in the archipelago, is unique. In addition to being backed by a brand like Sagana, which redefines the concept of luxury while offering innovative services, the Water Villas are an improved version of the typical rooms offered on the market. These occupy a complete cabin offering complete privacy, while enjoying the turquoise waters that characterize this Island. In turn, the peripheral service areas are conveniently located near the Aquatic Villas that investors have, with the opportunity to have countless amenities very close to their property area. These areas, in turn, act as a filter for noise from public areas.

Thus, committed to the safetyintegrity, and trust of its investors, Tayrona is governed by standards that meet the highest market demands. In this way, Sagana Huravee is a hotel project fully equipped and prepared to satisfy your deepest desires through the guarantee of ownership of a Villa or Suite in exchange for the investment made in the company.

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