Competitive Return on Investment in a Guaranteed Investment Programme


Real estate investment is a long-term asset that has exceeded investors’ expectations compared to other assets on the market. Therefore, investing in a residential property is considered one of the best options for generating wealth and sustainability that can even beat inflation; however, investing in hotels, Villas or Suites generates rental income per night without having to worry about any other real estate expenses including maintenance costs, taxes, and broker fees, among others. The above, taking into account that the management is carried out by the hotel operator and this provider is in charge of remitting the agreed and guaranteed money for your investment.

The PHO programme allows you to obtain a property title of the destination of your choice, guaranteed minimum returns starting from 20%, automatic valuation, and a hotel chain with the capacity, vision, and experience in the management of ultra-luxury hotels. With a low initial investment, you will become the owner of a Villa or Suite, which represents the guarantee or support when investing in non-speculative markets.

Thinking of providing different types of risk profiles with investment options in the hotel sector, Tayrona Capital Financial Group has created a programme under the line of the PHO product, called PHO Luxury Lease Investment, which allows you to make an investment in one of the developments of Tayrona under the figure of leasehold for five (5) years. You will be the owner of this luxurious property during this time, also receiving annual returns of 10% on the invested value. The value of the investment will be equivalent to 50% of the value of the property.

Taking into account an overview of this type of investment, it is important to highlight that, over the last decade, the leasing industry has had rapid growth worldwide. After the financial crisis of 2008, the volume of operations has expanded at an average rate of 11% per year and by 2016 it reached a value of  US $1,099 billion. Currently, 95% of leasing businesses are concentrated in the North America, Europe, and Asia regions (White Clarke Group, 2018).

It is for this reason that, by investing in Tayrona’s portfolio through this programme, investors will choose one of the safest and most traditional methods on the market under the concept of the “use economy” which potentiates the value of the use of a good as opposed to the ownership of the asset.

Investors wishing to benefit from PHO Luxury Lease Investment will be able to choose from the following projects: Sagana Iru Veli Maldives, Sagana Huravee Maldives, Tayrona City Melaka Malaysia, Sagana Nam Nghi Phu Quoc Vietnam, Sagana Kemala Phuket Thailand, Sagana Ubud Bali, Krabey Island in Cambodia and Friday Harbor Canada, making an initial investment of 50% of the total value of the property.

All properties have a guaranteed 10% minimum investment return on investment rate, which is paid annually, and the ability to travel and stay in the leased Suite or Villa for one week each year without affecting their returns. If the investor is interested in enjoying the acquired property for a longer period, this use will result in a reduction in returns proportional to the time the property is used. 

Tayrona’s select clientele can delight in the exotic landscapes of Cambodia, marvel at the pristine nature of Bali, feel the sea breeze in the Maldives, sample the exquisite culinary art of Malaysia, exalt Vietnamese hospitality, learn about the ancestral identity and culture of Thailand and enjoy the huge rocky mountains of Canada, benefiting from guaranteed returns, the security of a lease, and the comfort of a premium resort, fully equipped under the highest standards of security and relaxation that only Tayrona can offer.

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