Azian Bahamas

Island of Freedom, located in South Eleuthera, Bahamas, 80 kilometers east of Nassau, is a new luxurious destination developed in over 6,000 acres of Land that evokes the root of the name “Eleuthera,” which in Greek means freedom. Eleuthera is an island ranked and awarded as the “Best Secret Island on Earth,” recognized as a coveted Island ready to offer its visitors Yacht races, paradisiacal experiences, and some of the world’s very best scuba diving sites. This coveted destination opens its doors to Azian Bahamas, featuring an entire downtown, with over 10 exclusive upscale hotels and resorts, 25 restaurants, plazas, cafes, cultural experiences, casino, and the best beach club and marina of the Caribbean.


South Eleuthera, Bahamas,
80 kilometers east of Nassau, on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, just 350 kilometers (217 miles) southeast of Florida, in a 45-minute flight from Miami.


The project has been divided into 6 main areas

Lerreax Cay

109 acres and future home of Azian Bahamas

Delany Area

2,000 acres sub-divided into 5 Hotel lots of 200 acres each and a vast parcel of 1,000 acres in which Delany Town, the future downtown of the Azian Bahamas, is being created

Broad Creek

121 acres, divided into two Hotel Lots of 60.5 acres each

Pear Cay

75 acres hotel lot

Major Cove

28 acres hotel lot

Davis Harbor

9 acres property and future home of Azian Bahamas’ Beach Club and Marina


Azian Bahamas will feature 3 main styles of luxurious accommodation in 120 exclusive and exotic Beach Villas and 30 Water Villas.


Villas Privileges

Private Exotic Sanctuary

Villas by Foster + Partners offer their own private exotic sanctuary, surrounded by landscaped gardens and hidden by the tropical vegetation.

An Architecture Inspired in the Land Topography

Azian Bahamas Villas architecture is inspired in the topography of the Island, which contains an endless number of curves that are reflected in the interior and exterior areas that are seamlessly integrated to optimize the living space and the use of natural and sustainable materials; all of them set to create a truly unique design that fits in perfect harmony with the luxury of this destination.


Dynamic Spaces Bringing Natural Experiences

The interiors of Azian Bahamas are full of splendour, with dynamic spaces combining different heights and evoking an environmentally friendly perspective that creates a link between the Island and the housing for a seamless transition of beauty. A prime infrastructure designed for this resort includes the use of different types of lumber that bring to life a contemporary landscape of durability and exclusivity. A natural perspective is also added to the design of the properties, including irrigation facilities in which the water becomes a second distinct element, which is present in all corners of the project promoting the integration of the villas with the surrounding landscape.

First Luxury Oriental Spa in the Bahamas

Thai Spa and Hamman evoque an Asian hospitality experience, featuring a full range of Spa services and a specialty trained roster of service providers to pamper Tayrona’s clients through Eastern therapies and a holistic focus on spiritual, mental, and physical harmony.

Pool and Balinese Gardens

These harmonious spaces are designed to blend in contours of natural landscapes, marvelous mini gardens, and infinity views. During the day, Tayrona’s customers enjoy the pool’s borderless reflections and wooden decks from the comfort of
shaded lounges. At night, our customers will experience a serene starlit sky perfect for a romantic dip. The pool’s perimeter features private cabanas with shallow pools where guests may also soak their feet in while enjoying a good read. By far, a perfect place to walk and have a deep meeting with nature and peace!


Distinct Private Marina

Azian Freedom Bahamas also features a private Marina to enjoy exclusive yachting, sailing, and water sport services to enjoy colorful and bright coral reefs and clear water.

Seven Upscale and Luxurious Award-Winning Restaurants

Best of the international and Asian cuisine will be located around the Hotel, ranging from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and authentic Italian culinary delights.

  • Arabian Breezes will become an exclusive Azian Signature Beach Restaurant featuring the best of the Mediterranean and Middle East dining.
  • Bamboo is an exclusive Azian Signature Restaurant featuring the best of Asian and Chinese cuisine. This marvelous restaurant is designed by Award-winning Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nglia.

Unique Entertainment

From horseback riding on the beach to legendary dance and cultural Asian-inspired performances, Azian Bahamas offers something more than a traditional vacation. Tayrona’s goal is to make its customers feel that they will never want to leave!

Private Transportation and Adventure Rides

Azian Bahamas also offers exclusive services of private yacht, sailing boat, and a private sea-plane with daily flights to Nassau and Freeport. A fleet of modern beach Buggies is also available for those who want to explore their adventure vein.


Each Villa is equipped with exclusive amenities, hereby including:


  • Swimming Pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Deck
  • Bathroom with sauna and spa
  • Room for reading and relaxing
  • A main corridor divided into modules, including those which are the major functional spaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Areas of daytime activities
  • Landscaped courtyard
  • Jacuzzi
  • Access to Island of Bahamas Private Beach
  • Villas Type 2 will also feature an interior garden pool

Luxury and reverence with all its splendor!


Water Villas


The Water Villas evoke a pleasingly classic yet modern style, their custom furnishings side by side with Asian artifacts and wall-art. High ceilings and French windows ensure every Villa is airy and full of light.

The Villas offer a “toes in the water” experience, the opportunity for Tayrona’s clients to slip straight from the property deck into the cool, clear waters to reach a private dive site.
Exclusive Water Villas offer the following:

  • Private pools
  • Panoramic Caribbean Sea views through floor to ceiling windows
  • Spacious sundecks
  • Outdoor showers
  • Nets for over-water lazying
  • Rejuvenating bathroom experiences featuring outdoor showers and private spa

Guaranteed ROI

Tayrona guarantees yearly returns on investment of 15% on the Azian Bahamas property’s value.


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