Investing in the ever-growing, luxurious, and profitable Real Estate industry.


Obtaining exclusive tax benefits, profitable investment opportunities without maintenance fees.


Offering safeguarded profits protected over typical fluctuations of the market.


Opting for a low single-payment initial investment with title deed.


Offering guaranteed returns on investment up to 20% and yielding returns.


Enjoying dreamy iconic destinations to live in and invest to.



The Privilege Hotel Ownership (PHO) is a Hotel investment programme owned by Tayrona Capital Financial Group, offering outstanding perks based on experienced hotel management teams and recognized track records of profitability. Tayrona chooses promising markets and ensures high guaranteed returns. All the pieces needed for a profitable Real Estate investment!

Exclusive Benefits

Negligible Effect of Low Occupancy Periods

When selling a property, Tayrona’s team has already accounted for non-occupancy periods. So, the higher the room occupancy, the higher its profits.

High Guaranteed Income for Life

Annual Guaranteed Rents go from 5% to 20% of the invested capital keeping in mind the location and construction status of the property acquired.

Automatic Appreciation

Hotel property value increases every year as the hotel gains more recognition and market positioning.

Luxury Properties

All Properties offered in the Program are ultra-luxury assets targeted to the most selective clientele worldwide.

Unlimited Stays in your Hotel Property

Tayrona’s PHO program offers unlimited stays as long as the hotel has availability and the reservation is made at least 10 days in advance.

Exclusive Tax and Maintenance Perks

All Investments in the program are property tax and maintenance free. Investors make a single initial lifetime investment with no additional costs, fees, or expenses.

Exclusive Access to PLC by Tayrona

Clients receive 10% of their investment in free stays and lifestyle experiences in over 1,000 luxury hotels worldwide through Tayrona's exclusive Privilege Luxury Club.

Low Initial Investment

Obtain a property with title deed with a low investment; the cost of a typical buy-to-rent deposit is similar to that of a Hotel Villa.

No-hassle Investment

Tayrona markets the property with a net yield and their trusted partners take bookings, collect rent, conduct exit checks, and keep the luxurious Suites clean and well maintained.

Investment Guarantees

If hotel construction plans are cancelled, Tayrona commits to return to the investor 120% of the property value, which can only be obtained if hotel construction plans are cancelled.


All properties have an automated guaranteed income growth in value as the Hotel brand managing the Suites or Villas gains more recognition, better market positioning, and benefits.


Investments are backed by a regulated financial institution following the strictest requirements of negotiation and tributary rules established in the industry. Tayrona PHO’s investors have total confidence of their investment.


Tayrona offers the option to buy back the Villa one year after purchase, taking into account market price appreciation (however, this guarantee does not apply to co-ownership of fractional villas).


Hotel management is in charge of luxury chains with the aim of providing its investors with breathtaking experiences while obtaining profitable earnings and making their most coveted dreams a reality.


Tayrona does not provide timeshare investment options, so only a single party holds the rights to fully use the property, receive its profits, and enjoy its returns on investments.


In the event a project is discontinued, Tayrona’s investors have the incredible option to change their initial property for any other project at any of its stages of completion.


If any catastrophic event were to affect a project’s location (such as natural disasters or political crisis, among others), Tayrona’s investors have the option to choose another project of interest.

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